Procedures for New Membership Applications

Patent Model 1

To begin the application process, simply fill out the CIPLA Application Form and send it to the Membership Chairperson (see address below). The application will then go through the process described below.

1.) Application received by Membership Chairperson.

2.) Membership Chairperson forwards copy of application to Secretary. Secretary provisionally enters name of applicant on the mailing list.

3.) Secretary sends acknowledgment to applicant. Secretary also sends a copy of acknowledgment letter to program chairperson so, when the applicant attends his or her first meeting, a greeter can meet the applicant, introduce the applicant to other members and make a general introduction to the membership during the meeting.

4.) Membership chairperson reviews and signs application.

5.) Membership chairperson forwards application to another member of the membership committee for review, approval and signature. That committee member will forward on to the President. The president is a member of the committee and has the final sign-off.

6.) Following review, approval and signing by membership committee, the application is forwarded from the President back to the Secretary.

7.) Secretary mails notice of the application to the membership, usually attached to a meeting announcement.

8.) If no comments are received within fifteen (15) days of the mailing, the Secretary enters the applicant’s name on the roster.

9.) The Secretary sends letter and dues notice to applicant regarding admission into the association and forwards bylaws and membership list. A copy of this letter is sent to the Treasurer.

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Membership Chairperson:
Mark D. Giarratana, Esq.
McCarter & English, LLP
CityPlace I
185 Asylum St.
Hartford, CT  06103
Telephone:  (860) 275-6719
Fax:  (860) 560-5919